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Teaching Tuesday Talk About Then Be About It

DAMN GOOD ADVICE! Everyone won’t support your ventures. I have learned that friends and family can be unreliable, but never let that deter you from believing in yourself. Push yourself, pass them and pursue your dreams. Master your craft. Some find it hard to pursue to get where they want to be because of finances.

You should always talk about it THEN be about it. Talk is cheap. Pun intended! Use social media platforms to build up an audience. (See my blog about knowing who your audience is). We think when there arent any finances you won't be able to self publish. Well, let me tell you something there will be a way. I was on welfare, robbing Peter to pay Paul. At the time my partner was making enough to just meet the bills...sort of. But today is a different day. Today there is running water, electricity. Just kidding. But on a serious note today the internet and social media and frugal people have given people an extra way to make a few extra dollars.

Think about it. How many clothing items still have some wear to go? Lol. I am on a roll here. How many jeans do you have that you no longer wear but are in good condition? Exactly! Forget why you don’t or can’t wear them, just make a pile of the items from your drawers, closets and storage bins. Take that phone of yours and start clicking! Make them look attractive. Great Background to compliment the look...check! Prop them up and shoot away from every angle. You can even model them or showcase them together giving them appeal. Now think about what they are worth as a great snatch em up a bargain. Remember that brands are always a few dollars more. Now you need a description.

Are you a back to work mom? Dad? Strict dress code at the job, but your finances are low? I have the closet for you. Dress pants/slacks will be just 10.00. TheseOld Navy Chino twill pants are in great condition.

See description:

-Button closure and zip fly.

-Diagonal on-seam pockets and welt-coin pocket in front; welt pockets in the back (with buttoned -welt pocket at back left pocket).

-Soft-washed cotton twill.

Great job! Now all you have to do is build a POSHMARK or Mercari page. What are they? They are like online consignment sites. You join, post your pics and info with prices and boom, instant pop up store. You advertise what you have by liking others items, following people and joining pop up stores posting your items and sharing other people’s items. It’s like Facebook networking. You snag a buyer they pay shipping! Best deal ever! They will send you a downloadable label print pack and ship and your money can go to your bank account or you can get it in a check or use it as a credit to shop. In this case, shopping would defeat the purpose. They now do household items so you can make even more extra funds.

Now you can use these funds to get your book underway, but be wise. Create a budget. Get a plan in order. Maybe pay for a website or start thinking about editing costs. This is one time when you can TALK ABOUT IT, THEN BE ABOUT IT! I have a blog about budgeting and what is needed to publish your 1st book. I hope this helps. This is Damn Good Advice.

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