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Think It Through Thursday

Book Budget Worksheet

What better time than the present to touch base on your book’s budget. You have the skills and passion, you figured out what audience you want to gear your writing towards, you may have even gone as far as writing your book. Now let’s see if you can do this on your own. Self-publishing can get very expensive There are so many things to consider if you are going to take charge of your work/s. This process may deter you but remember… YOU GOT THIS! You CAN do this. Even if it takes baby steps.

Let’s say you are almost complete with your project. I say almost because you want to be a few steps ahead because the research takes time and finding the right services fit for you and your project also takes time. Give or take, in a month or so you will be all done. What is your next step?

Writing is the free part. It just requires your skills. The next stage of your project will require some money.

These are a few things you may want to take into consideration.

Developmental Costs:







Cover designs

Production Costs:



Print set

Print Proof

Marketing and Promotion tool:

Advanced Readers Copies (ARC)




Book promo giveaways- stickers, tees, mugs

POS (Point of Sales)

You may have not realized it but it can get costly. This is the beginning….

II started to give links to a few resource websites but I thought we can help each other. So, if you have the skill set to do any of the services/products in this blog feel free to leave a comment below. Every bit counts.

As for inventory after you get your things moving and ready to publish My advice in regards to inventory. Try a POD Company-Print on Demand….

I am not promoting this website but I did find it helpful. BNHM Publishing does offer some services as well.

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