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about brand new happy moon


Brand New Happy Moon Publishing is a fresh new company with a different approach to publishing, marketing and the distribution of books. Since the publishing industry grows and changes so often we want to be two steps ahead of it. We will not promise you to be a best seller, but what we will promise is quality work. We will not promise anything we cannot deliver.


The great thing about US is that we are YOU! We are authors helping authors because we have either learned more about the industry through hands on experience or years of doing it. We are a collective team of branders linking up with a partnership with Brand New Happy Moon and authors who have had best-selling books contributing to the best-selling status of other authors and product branded book characters broadening the exposure of characters.


We are graphic artists by trade and self-taught. As you will see we are a well-educated team. We expect pride, determination and great will power in being the best-published author looking to become a best seller!

We know a little imagination makes dreams come true….

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