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Julia Bops to the Beat
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Julia Bops to the Beat is a charming story about an African-American little girl who is not old enough to talk, but she hears a beat in almost everything. Some children will bop along with Julia, while others will enjoy the idea that their little brother or sister may be like Julia — bouncing and swaying to the sounds that delight them, even before they can talk. Julia is old enough to sleep in a bed and brush her teeth, so she may also be an encouraging character for children who talk late (and their families, too.)

Noemi Waits for Tomorrow
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Noemi Waits For Tomorrow is a cute story by PB &j about a little girl, Noemi, who has recently moved into town and hasn’t made any friends yet. When Noemi’s mother casually mentions tomorrow, it gets her imagination flowing ... What is tomorrow like? Her thoughts stir up a whirlwind of questions, and with only one day to prepare for her new acquaintance, Noemi sets out to learn all she can about the elusive tomorrow.


She asks anyone who will listen, be it a new feathered friend, (along with other winged creatures), and even the moon. But no matter what Noemi’s ponderings, the answers she’s seeking remain hidden until the next day when she wakes up. With the sun on the horizon, Noemi is in for a big surprise. 

Goodnight Magic Shoes
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Goodnight Magic Shoes is part of an anthology series; Bedtime Babies. Bedtime Babies is brought to you by Brand New Happy Moon Publishing an independent publishing home.

Marcus' father bought him a brand new pair of shoes. He imagines what his shoes do when the day is over. Marcus shares his fears with readers and shares in understanding what happens when we let our imaginations run wild.

Goodnight Magic Shoes (A Bedtime Babies Book) by Felicia Capers is a wonderful bedtime story, written in a way that engages your young child in discussing their day with you as they read. It is a great opening for questions like where did we go today? What did your shoes do today? Did they have any adventures? This is a charming book about a boy, his daddy, and a new pair of shoes.

Afraid of Monsters No More
aomnm cover front.jpg


Six-year-old Arron has a hard time sleeping in his own room. Arron loves his room, just not at night. Mom and dad have tried everything to get Arron to sleep alone, but for Arron, that is not an option because he is scared. Will Arron get over his fear? What could possibly be lurking in Arron’s room? Read along to see how Arron’s parents help him get over his fear of sleeping alone.

Little Boy Boo


Little Boy BOO has the “BOO” that will scare anyone but, only when he is not seen. 
Terri Fy Yu has the looks that causes instant fear but, his “BOO” doesn’t do what it needs to do. And he needs to work on his scream. 
When opposite worlds collide, they make everyone run and hide. 
Read how they do this on the night of Halloween. 
The thought alone will make you want to scream….

Bedtime Babies
BEDTIME BABIES anthology cover.png


Bedtime Babies is brought to you by BNHM Publishing. It is a collaborative effort designed to bring bedtime stories to children with a lesson taught and entertainment. Contributors to Volume 1-PT.1: Felicia Caper’s Goodnight Magic Shoes tells a story about a little boy named Marcus and his inquisitive and curious nature on where he thinks his shoes might go when he’s asleep.


Vanessa Santiago –Jerman’s Afraid of Monsters No More speaks on one of children’s biggest fear, what happens when the light go out. The fear of the dark is tackled in this family story of a little boy named Arron and how he deals with his fears.


Authors PB&j’s Noemi Waits for Tomorrow is a tale of what awaits our children the following day. It has a hidden message about rushing daytime fun into one day and not leaving anything to look forward to or to do the next day. Growing up should take it’s natural course


                  Enjoy reads from and African American Publisher and Author Felisha Bradshaw

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