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Our creative and innovative authors & illustrators are an essential part of our team with whom we wouldn’t be able to publish children’s books without them!  At BNHM, we work as a team with our authors from beginning to end of their publishing process ensuring their success. Many of our authors are new to the children's world while others are veterans who continue to bestow pieces of their imagination on the pages you read. If you would like to be a part of our team whether author or illustrator, please visit our submissions page for details.

Felicia Capers, Author

This author, workshop leader, public speaker and creative writing teacher resides in New Jersey. Felicia is a child advocate by trade, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Montclair State University in New Jersey, which laid the groundwork for a career in child welfare. However, becoming a published author had been a childhood aspiration, even before she studied Creative Writing at Rosa Parks High School in Paterson New Jersey. "To combine the two most passionate things in my life - children’s issues and creative writing- I know I found my purpose. Not many people can say that. I'm blessed," Felicia says.

Felicia decided to write children’s books that empower young people with three objectives: to promote literacy; to celebrate the minds of young thinkers; to empower multicultural youth to become involved with issues they face in their own backyards. "Kids aren’t blind. They know what’s happening around them and they care. My greatest joy is meeting children when I speak at schools. I get to see and hear how children’s big brains see the world,” she says. Felicia enjoys traveling, dancing, and spending time with her two children. She is gearing up for her next release in 2016 co-authored with her teen daughter! Four Generations of Us is a timeless children’s classic about family, based on the real life family of this mother daughter author team. 

PB&J, Authors

PB&j is a duo Mom (PB) and daughter (J) writing team. Mom (PB) works full-time and writes for the pleasure of sharing words and spreading the imagination beyond and opening the thinking minds of children, hoping to build a bridge to better understanding and communicating between parents and their children. She says that she writes for the E-raced (the internet age parent and child) child; meaning her purpose of writing these life-lesson filled stories to e-race (erase) racism and one-way thinking from the child to the parent and out into the world. Although, this may seem like a job for superwoman, Mom (PB) is willing to give it the “S” on the chest try!

The daughter (J) was a 12th grade student that started out with no intentions of writing and collaborating thoughts with her mom a book that would be published. She says she just wanted to help her mother get her first children’s book out of her head and on paper. But, now that she sees the finished product and the positive feedback received she now is working on a few more works with Mom (PB). “J” is now a graduate of High School and working full-time and will start college in the Winter to become an Art Therapist.

Vanessa Santiago-Jerman, Author

Vanessa Santiago-Jerman is a mother, an author and a wife. She loves to write poetry, children's books and inspirational blogs about life, love and self-esteem. Writing since the age of 8 years old as an escape from my day to day life Vanessa especially enjoys writing for children. Her goal is to one-day venture into speaking publicly at schools and events to uplift and encourage young children to never stop dreaming, and not to allow anyone to interfere with their goals. Although she knows children are the future she also knows they need people to believe in them. Showing support and being in their corner to cheer them on for encouragement is a key component that will fuel their self-esteem and drive to do and be the best. 

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Contact us if interested in becoming a BNHM Pub book reviewer. Enjoy the many perks and recognition.

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