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Marketing&Promoting in Groups On Facebook

Where to go Wednesday!

Billboard Groups

There are so many ways to promote your work, up, coming works and marketing promotions. First you must ask yourself if you are ready to pay for advertising placements that cost. What is your target goal? Audience?

If you are just promoting a “COMING SOON”, I suggest you utilize your FREE social media. Now, I just don’t mean drop pictures, ad posters, purchase or website URLs on any page you can! FOR LITERARY SAKES! DON’T BE MESSY! Messy authors get the boot from groups. B4 you join a group make sure it’s your fit and vice versa. Read through the “RULES”. Don’t just check the box and nod and then when you are barred from the group, you go and speak ill of them in other groups or with other authors. You have to respect groups and stay in your write lane.

There is an art to posting in groups.


Drop in and drop out - Join a group for the sake of leaving remnants of your book promo and then you leave. You never go back to see if anyone clicks on it or asks a question, leaves a comment or even a sweet like tap. You just stick and move.


Market and Mingle

Marketing and mingling in groups is always best. Build relationships with the group and the admins.

1. Read the rules

2. Join the group

3. Keep a mental note in your promo and marketing book (we will discuss all that this week) on the don’ts of the group.

4. Inbox Admins on questions and thank them for all they do. Tell them a little about yourself. (DON’T GO OVERBOARD)

5. Your first post should be almost the same. INTRO! LINK! THANKS! COMMENT! LIKE! SHARE!


Hello! My name is Felisha Bradshaw I am an author, publisher and creativity entrepreneur. I am so loving LIT! This is why I can write in a variety of genres and for all ages. Check out my books on Amazon, Walmart and other avenues where books are sold. There are a little bit of LIT for everyone.

(I always use my most popular links half of the day and my website URL the other half of the day. You will learn your best fit as you go.

If you have multiple books try author Central and drop that link because it normally is the hub for all your books…and an intro to you and what you do. (That’s if you add this to your author central page…that is on I will be brushing up on my own this week as well.

If anyone has any knowledge in tips and tricks in posting video, GIFs and other eye catchy perks please leave a comment.)

Thanks for adding me to the group. I hope you love my work. Even better sign up to my website and join so that you can win prizes, enter contests and get some writing and publishing tips.

Now you stop and read a few posts, hit likes (ALWAYS), make sure you share good news, advice and team up and make friends. There is nothing like the buddy system. You can share their links and books and have them share yours.

We friends I am still on vacay but I missed you guys. If you have questions or a topic you want me to talk about just comment below.

Any promotional ads that you drop in groups please let them be clear and professional.

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