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Motivation Mondays BElieve in YOUrselves

Motivation Mondays BElieve in YOUrselves-The ORIGINAL You.

Blocking out Naysayers, your Rah-Rah Team, outside negative influences and opinionated supporters give us room to be who we are, express how we feel without warrant.

We are ORIGINALs. We are not our parents, we are not our spouses or any other relationship. We are not our race or duplicates of any other entity.

We can now DANCE like no one is watching because there is no other way to do it. We can sing without reserve, feeling like we CAN sing and love how we sound. Feel like ROCKSTARS because we ARE.

We can sing, celebrate our originality and display openly our difference/s. We can do so because we are who we are. We are all beautifully created not made. So it is great to be an Original; one of a kind. None like us, even if we have a twin we are still an original. What I have, you don't and what you have I don't. It is what makes us exciting. In other words, DIFFERENT can now be your new DOPENESS. It is what makes us attractive people. That's why the saying goes, "There is someone for everybody.”

So, let's sing and celebrate ourselves. BElieve in YOUrselves. Wear your Originality like a badge of honor and people will be honored to greet, meet and get to know you. Then your children or children you influence will see that it is cool to be DIFFERENT... an ORIGINAL. I know so! It is contagious.

So, sing, celebrate and share. Wear it, love it and let children know it is OK!!!!! BElieve in YOUrself.


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