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Teaching Tuesday

Teaching Tuesday Tackling Television Appearances

This my friends was not as hard as it seems. My hometown is Bridgeport, Connecticut. Our local channel is Channel 12. I’ve been interviewed twice by Gwen Edwards. She is very supportive towards local entrepreneurs and causes. She made me comfortable. We chatted prior to the interview and she remembered me and our 1st interview. All i did was log on to the news channel’s website, read up on how to inquire about a television appearance, jotted her email down, gathered what i needed to impress her and emailed it to her. When I was a publicist I always remembered when I heard a radio host tell me about tacky inquiries and people who don’t follow instructions. Make sure you do as requested. Some outlets are meticulous and some are down right anal. For those who are specific have fun. BE INTERESTING! Most Media outlets want a to the point but detailed synopsis of your work/s . A bio is ALWAYS requested. Not morbid like an obituary. Humor is always an effective tool. Children Authors its great to let your letter fit your book. If its whimsical make it playful. Show DON’T tell. Don’t say it’s whimsical. SHOW! Show them the vibrant YOU! The best way to do this is a digital and Printed media kit. • Contact information • Professional bio written in third person • Basic book info including formats available, price and ISBN number • Book bio • High resolution headshots in both color and black and white • High resolution cover image • Locations where your book can be found both online and offline • List of previous books • Endorsements or testimonials • Target audience demographics • Story ideas for journalists • Possible interview questions • Book excerpt • Behind the book (where the idea for the book came from) • Page on why your book is important or relevant Do your RESEARCH. This is a must. Take note of his past guests, interviewing styles, and guests. Be ready! Be ready to be available to interview. Always be ready to speak about your book at any given moment. You only get one shot qt making a 1st impression So make it count.

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