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TEACHING TUESDAY: My PaperTrail...from a Scatter Box Brain. DAMN GOOD ADVICE!

I am so excited to share my Paper crush with you guys. I am able to share my passion, dreams, and goals with Paper. My team members can now go to one place and get everything they need. them and be able to share them with my team. I kept saying, "Gurl stop! You will never find that all in one place." Ohhh that is so not true. I found a hidden gem within a gem. ts is called PAPER. It has been out for about 5 years but we just met about 6 months ago. It was love at 1st try. It was chilling in the cut when I was visiting Dropbox to upload a few docs that I wanted my Graphic designer to look at and when I logged in, there it was smack dab in my face. I smile and nodded knowing I wanted to get to know it better. Like all things that intrigue me, I searched for that invitation to learn more. BAM! There it was, the LEARN MORE button. PAPER was a definite mind reader. There it was before I even finished the thought. "WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME?"

Here was the introduction.

Dropbox Paper, or simply Paper, is a collaborative document-editing service developed by Dropbox. ... Dropbox Paper was described in the official announcement post as "a flexible workspace that brings people and ideas together. With Paper, teams can create, review, revise, manage, and organize—all in shared documents"

Hmmm. They had me at collaborative. Yeah, I am a BIG fan of DropBox and we do go hand in hand but PAPER, this was going to be my new boo. No more having to minimize the screen, clicking on tab after tab and guess more folders of this and that. I am telling you, I can look at Paper in one long gaze LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can even scrapbook our experiences on my very one timeline. AND I DO!

I am so excited to share my Paper crush with you guys. I am able to share my passion, dreams, and goals with Paper. My team members can now go to one place and get everything they need.

Here is what we do:

I have so much done and so much more to do with the Julia Learns Knows and Grows series from products associated with each book, contests, and events. I wanted to create one timeline for the entire staff to see. Were we could map out the production period for three books. I needed to be able to edit, share, document time-sensitive tasks and delegate them to individual staff members in ONE place by just adding them to the project.

Here is a link so that Dropbox can better explain it.

The best right?

I also use it so that my social media manager can have access to everything Julia. We put all our digital promo, ads and documents in here as well. Yes, still on one PAPER. Just a simple copy and paste.

Is this not THEE BEST? So, I have my docs and png, jpeg files, quick files to upload for business cards, you name it. There is a timeline at the beginning of my PAPER that shows when I upload books to certain distribution outlets. The uses are endless.

Yes, it is my one-stop-shop. I know you have more questions so I am leaving important links below.

Collabing with the team:

For those out there that struggle with the logistics of collaborating with a virtual or even onsite team, Dropbox may have solved this problem for you. They have rolled out Dropbox Paper. A web-based collaboration tool that allows you to seamlessly integrate multiple parts of your project into one work surface. Copy writers can add their text, graphics people can insert images, team leaders can offer notes and feedback. All in a working document that can be shared with multiple users. We are excited to experience the benefits of Dropbox Paper, check it out for yourself.

An all in one video covering:

What is Dropbox? Who founded Dropbox? How big is Dropbox? Is Dropbox free? How rich is Drew Houston? Why didn't Drew Houston sell Dropbox to Facebook? How many users does Dropbox have? Is Dropbox worth it?

I found these to be very helpful starters in getting to know my new BOO. Paper. We do not sponsor these videos or get paid to share them by the video blogger. These are just FYI, but...DAMN GOOD ADVICE!

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