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Motivated Monday/Monitoring

Today I am going to cover monitoring your posts and comments on your Facebook Pages. The first thing I did was look for good friends to be the admin, editor and moderator. It is always good to have back ups. Being a self published author you are stretched very thin.

The difference in roles: Admin-Editor-Moderator.

Admin: (Top Dog)

  • Manage Page roles and settings

  • Edit the Page and add apps

  • Create and delete posts as the Page

  • Send messages as the Page

  • Respond to and delete comments and posts to the Page

  • Remove and ban people from the Page

  • Create ads, promotions or boosted posts

  • View insights

  • View Page Quality tab

  • See who published as the Page

  • Publish and manage jobs

Editor (Second in Command)

The Editor can do everything the Admin can do excepted sit manage page roles and settings.

Moderator (3rd in command)

The Moderator can approve or deny membership requests. Approve or deny posts in the group Remove posts and comments on posts. Remove and block people from the groupm==Pin or unpin a post. This person ca be someone you are giving a try that may want to help out but doesn't want too much responsibility.

Your social media team is very important. These members can help you stay on top of your page members.

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