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Where To Wednesday Damn Good Advice Thinking of a Master Plan!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

There are many sites that can show you how to publish but never really what to publish. I guess that is because it would put some out of business. But Advice and even Damn GOOD Advice is free. It's free of cost and free for you to do what you wish with it.

The Damn Good Advice I am going to share with you is the MASTER PLAN! Let's talk about your plan and what should be in it. Recently I had a meltdown. A literary meltdown. (Literally) I wanted to throw the towel in and give up on people. I even spoke to a publishing helper (Pub Business Coach) and said the same to him. I was ready to give up on people which is far worse than giving up on self. We can rejuvenate the self quicker. We can have faith, Let God and Let Go. We can. But when it comes to giving up on people it makes matters worse. You begin to look at them with sorrowful eyes, then distain. After a while you shut the door to them al together. Then you are left with Self and it can eat away at you. Now you need to heal 2 ways. You see the trickle down of loss? So I had to reach deep and comb through social media to look for a reason. And I saw it on ever book cover that held a message for our young Black youth. Not that other books don't do the same but in this instance I needed affirmation that we do exist (READERS of COLOR) and we do support (BLACK BUSINESSES that SUPPORT READERS/BLACK AUTHORS).

So I decided to put together a list of supporters. The idea was to be thankful for the haves not the have-nots.

These are my haves. I love being friends and Julia loves sharing her world. I need reviews and quick! id you need an ARC of Julia Bops to the Beat or any of her friends at BNHM Publishing send a request to


@readingwhileblack @brilliantbobby50 @readwithmochabooks

@lolas_hairadventures_series. @fortheloveoflit_teaching @noeylovesnursing

@agbadabooks @black_boys_read_nola @santanasworld8

@blackbusinessshowcase @blackgirlcan @courtney_b_dunlap

@blackteachersconnect @ffcbookclub @ebonytheauthor

@demsmithboyz @likemeforme_idn @smartiekidsquad

@belgritte @littleAndysworldllc @thedanielskids @storytimewithkarenlayne @brownboybrowngirl @Tuesbellereader

@patmoorebooks @mattmaxxbooks @thebonnetbook

@donaldpeeblesjr @micahandmyrah @calmeteachermom

While I have been going through stuff, my stuff, I realized that all that I need is right here! Right in the grip of my right hand and at the tips of both my pointer fingers (type that way). I then started to understand just what my MASTERPLAN would be.

I was once just an author that wrote adult Urban Fiction:

I also was a publicist for quite a few authors and produced 4 radio shows on my own station Lets Talk Urban ( ) That's James Gordon seen on Empire and other shows and Dear Summer a respect music/rap artist from Bridgeport Ct.

I have done so much in the literary industry so, I refuse to give up now. I am going to use these accomplishments to fuse what I am doing now and will be doing. I want to reach the stars and come back to bring readers and their imaginations even farther. Brand New Happy Moon Publishing WILL do just that.

My Master Plan:

1. Remember where I came from, the walk taken, and mistakes made.

2. Social Media is your friend...utilize it by not just posting but interacting, sharing and supporting. (what goes around comes around)

3. Never forget that you always need to learn, in order to know and grow.

4. Stay consistent in writing.


This is the easy part. Now here comes the hard part.

6. Push forward. What was done is done but it does not have to be what is and what is going to be!

7. Show up and Show out.

8. Push pass the limits because there truly are none.

9. Create a platform of your own... in the media, in school, in the community and at libraries...everywhere you are is your platform.

10. Make sure you NEVER doubt your gift, where there is doubt replace it with reassurance and new-new creativity.

MasterPlan! Always Have one...Thats Damn Good Advice! for me and you! Take it and run with it!

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